New Year’s Post

January 24, 2018 ,
by Evelina Mavrides


Time really flies,
I want first of all to wish all of you a Happy New Year, even though I am a little late (but you know I always am lol). I really needed a break from everything. I had a pretty challenging last couple of months, and so many things changed for me, hopefully all for good. But I can’t lie I really missed this, I started The Fashion Coconut about two years ago and and honestly I have gained so much from it, any way you can imagine, and yes I do believe I’ve grown through this. You know what they say – Sharing is caring – and I do care about you guys, I would love to send me or comment all things you’d like to see, and I have to tell you that I have quite a few surprises for you, hang on tight and stay tuuned!
Thanks for the love,
Evelina x

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