After Bath Oils: Hydration

August 22, 2017 ,
-Some things happen by accident, embrace them-
by Anastasia Kyrili


Hello babies, hope your vacay going well 😎
Let’s cut to the chase immediately and talk about hydration, not the drinking water think (which is also important), but the hydration of your body with after-bath oils.Oils create a protective film at your body skin and they simply keep it smooth and hydrated.
This isn’t a new trend. It was originated centuries ago in ancient Egypt. The (beauty) Queen Cleopatra, was known for her youthful and lavish beauty routines comprising of rich essential oils. When to apply them? After bathing, while the pores of your skin are open so you can pass the beneficial ingredients of the oil. We did a market research and spotted those super moisturizing body oils that dry quickly, check them out!


Take a glimpse of our Gallery:


Le Petite Marsailles Sublimante
Aveda Tangerine
Robin Luxury Body Oil
The Body Shop
Tammy Fender
Nuxe Hule Prodigeuse
Neutrogena Body Oil
Vaseline Intensive Care


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