Summer Getaway: Essentials

August 10, 2017 ,
-Carrie Bradshaw
by Evelina Mavrides


Dear boys and girls all around the world I have one word for you  g e t a w a y! My favorite month of them all, August is just around the corner, and since this is the last weekend of July (also another amazing month) I figured that I should help all of you travelers to get ready for your vacations. No matter if you are going to a 5 star hotel or a 5 thousands under the stars camping, the essentials remain the same. I have the chance of travelling so I spotted some common mistakes that we all do when packing. First and most important is overpacking, and you get this from a girl that simply packs her entire closet  just-in-case, but I have changed my ways this year and I am adopting a lighter packing style (bold on the lighter because still working on it lol) . So the TFC team has created a gallery with all the necessary essentials you all need, in order to have an amazing time less all the weight, Enjoy!


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Sun of a Beach
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Sun of a Beach

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