First Day of Spring: Look of the Day

March 21, 2017 ,
by Evelina Mavrides
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Ahhh, sweet spring, yesterday was officially the first day of Spring, lucky us and I couldn’t be more excited. Now let’s be honest, Spring practically means Summer, well sort of. Days are getting longer and nights too, sun gets hotter and so do you, but all jokes aside summer is on its way (inner me: yaay). Typically at this time of the year I’ve started doing my scoop hunting for styles, swimsuits, snapbacks and shorts, so pretty much I just described 90% of my summer outfits to you, and hold the judgement because no girl (or guy) can’t or should be waiting until the last minute to find what she really wants whether that’s a bodysuit, a beverage or a boyfriend. Enjoy every minute of this new season, love all and love yourself, be the reason someone smiles and don’t forget to smile just a little bit a lot, cheers to new things!



Glamazons Official Platforms, H&M Divided T-Shirt Dress, H&M Divided Blouse, Dristela Jewels Pendant Necklace, IZIPIZI Tortoise Sunglasses

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