Top 5 Foods: Cold Days

January 12, 2017 ,
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by Anastasia Kyrili

Courtesy of Discover Greece

The 5 “strong” foods you need in cold days. When it’s freezing outside, all you need is something warm to nourish your soul. These days with very low temperatures, rain or snow we need good snacking to keep our bodies strong and warm.

1. Soup

Chicken/pork/fish/vegetable/bean/noodles soup, the options are manifolds. You can eat it throughout the day as a snack or as a meal. Also there are many soups on the market in which you can add boiled water and done, so easy and such a great idea to for a quick lunch/snack at work or at school


Green curry/coconut soup

2. Tea

Yeah you bet correct, of course tea. A cup of green tea will enhance your body with your daily intake of antioxidants and also will warm you an relax you. Have a big cup of tea in the morning to start your day full of energy


3. Hot chocolate – The healthy Version

We all love hot chocolate especially when the weather is cold outside. You can avoid some calories by replacing the cow milk with almond milk or coconut milk. Play with flavors and tastes and enjoy a hot chocolate on an afternoon break


w/ Creamy coconut milk

4. Citrus Fruits

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits. All these fruits are full of vitamins and especially vitamin C. Vitamin C as you may already know protects you from common cold symptoms and generally is an important vitamin and antioxidant that the body uses to keep you strong and healthy


5. Chilly Peppers and Pepper

 Add them wherever you what. A small intake of hot chilly peppers or pepper, is able to raise your body’s temperature and protect your organism from seasonal colds

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