My thougths: New Year 2017

January 3, 2017 ,
by Evelina Mavrides

One of my favorite moments of 2016  Nesos Gramvousa ,Crete

New year new me? I don’t think so. Another year has passed through us and we are still blessed to be here, that’s the way I see it. This is the catch, don’t take anything for granted, regardless if its material stuff or real people, just don’t. Invest on your thoughts and dreams and find the courage to pursue them, because you are the only person that actually can and will always be there for you, remember that. Surround yourself with love in all levels, people you love & love you back. That is the key. Positive energy radiates and attracts even more of that whatever is that, and let me tell you that love is the most powerful form of attraction in this universe, because simply that’s the way it is .. you can doubt it or agree with it, nevertheless that’s the law of attraction. We might spend hours, days or even years on things that just are not good for us, but it takes only a moment to realize it and make a change. I wish you this year to be your year, and make your changes. I wish you lots of love and happiness all year long. Cheers to new beginnings✨

Ps: Different year same dreams

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