Healthy & Hydrated Skin: Winter Edition

November 22, 2016 ,
by Anastasia Kyrili


Winter has officially arrived and we are actually feeling the very first colds. The low temperatures, the intense moisture and extreme low weather can damage your skin, causing dryness, itchiness and redness, particularly on the face and on our hands. In order to avoid a dull, broken and dehydrated skin, we have to be prepared.

Here are some tips for healthy and hydrated skin:

1. Sunscreen. Many of you forget the damage that sun can cause to your skin. You believe that we only use sunscreen during summer period and that’s totally wrong. Especially during winter season we have to use sunscreen to protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation. Apply sunscreen in you face about 30′ before going out.

2. Moisturizing cream. Our skin in winter requires as much attention as in summer. After your shower apply a good moisturizing cream to hydrate it and keep it smooth and revitalized. Major Tip: It is also good to have a hand cream in your bag and use it every time after washing your hands.

3. Drink more water. In cold days we tend to forget to drink the appropriate amounts of water that our body needs. Try to drink about 2,5-3 liters/ per day without including tea,coffee or other beverages. Water is highly beneficial for health and beauty. It helps the body to get rid of toxins, increases skin elasticity and more. Also check Water: Benefits & Funky Ways

4. Do your shower quickly. I know that in cold days what you really need is a long hot shower, but the truth is that the hot shower is very harmful for our skin. The hot water can cause excessive dryness and dehydration and removes the upper protective layer of your skin. I’m not here to say to you “do your shower with cold water”, of course not, but try to use medium temperatures in order to avoid also this big differences from the cold atmosphere to the hot water in the shower.

5. Healthy diet. You know that your skin reflects your health, and that is directly connected with your diet. You should reconsider your daily diet and change your eating habits. Start by adding vegetables, fish, dairy products and healthy fats. A healthy diet will make your skin shiny and healthy and at the same time will help you to lose some pounds

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