Sunday’s Roll: Pancakes

October 29, 2016 ,
by Anastasia Kyrili



Sunday’s breakfast is a ritual, so we decided to show you a 3 ingredients pancakes, the easy way! I love Sundays, you love Sundays, people usually love Sundays for real. You wake up without an alarm clock (like any other day). You usually don’t have to work or have important meetings and if you do jokes on you. Sunday mornings are for chilling and spending time with family. I love waking up before them and make everyone pancakes, not the classical ones but the easy, healthy version of them. Using only 3 ingredients, let’s try them!


Ingredients for 1 serving (1 pancake):

1/2 cup of oats
1/2 cup of milk
1 egg white
(Optional: cinnamon, vanilla )

Mix all the ingredients together, put the mixture in a pan, bake it till it can instinct from the one side, bake for 1-2′ the other side and voil√†.


Tips for serving:

I usually add 1,2 tablespoons of Greek low fat yogurt, a handful of goji berries and little honey. You can make it salty or sweet and you can add whatever topics you want some of my favortire combos include: low fat cheese & turkey slice, smoked salmon & Cream cheese, honey and maple syrup. These pancakes are so awesome for young kids! Kids love the original fluffy pancakes and this healthy version can be a great alternative for them to start eating oats. Make them this Sunday and let your kids pick the ingredients they want to fill them up


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