My thoughts: Timeless

October 28, 2016 ,
by Evelina Mavrides



Winter has slowly started making it’s way in, tans will have probably faded away (except if you’re dark skinned like me and people are still wondering how are you doing it) and changing your life is again just part of the plan like it always is. If you think about it we are forced to change who we are or at least who we think we are, not just a couple of times in our lives but more or less a couple of times during a single year. The person that was sitting in your clothes last year is far different from the one that it is now, and we have learned to become so detached from thinking that we simply skip emotional stages because it takes time. Because it does take time. And that’s a bad thing because we don’t want to lose time, ever, at least on things and people that don’t make us feel good if not alive.

I think time is very undefinable, since half the times we think we have plently and we don’t, and the other half we think we don’t have any and we start skipping. My point somewhere in here, is that in any case with any person in any life, you shouldn’t let time pass away without doing the things you want, no m a t t e r what, either it’s a coffee, a guy, a chick, your dream job or your personal heaven on earth. Do that, big time. Let the clock ticking as long as you’re the one that is holding the watch, and just do you, you know, it’s way more fun. Stay blessed and use every second of your day in love, trust me on that, it makes a difference both in your life and the people around you

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