Designer to Know: Eugene Fotiadis

September 20, 2016 ,
by Anastasia Kyrili
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Eugene Fotiadis is a multitalented man, CEO and founder of Eugene Wood Sunglasses, one of the very first wooden made sunglasses of their kind, and a new making patent that is taking over the world starting from Greece

How does the whole idea of making wood sunglasses started? What inspired you?

My studies as an engineer in the University of Athens, made me learn how to design, products, or entire facilities. At the same time, I was working in several advertising agencies and that helped me to develop my creativity and to reinforce the designing part. Sooner or later the idea of designing wooden sunglasses came to my mind. I was spurred by the unique Greek Sun and the Greek summers and in fact that I had a obsession with sunglasses (every type and color) I thought it’s time to do “my passion” work.

Why did you choose wood as the basic material?

Wood played a big inspiration for the brand. But the first concern for us was to choose the correct lenses. While sunglasses are the most common accessory we use every day, we had to select the most excellent quality and absorbency of lenses, therefore, start the designing. Designed in Greece with raw materials very carefully selected from specific crops that are updated to not destroy the natural environment! The manufacture of wooden glasses, wooden toothbrushes and wooden bow ties, is in the experienced hands of virtuosos craftsmen.

Next steps and Future goals?

The next step was how to disseminate these creations. We decided not to go with the obvious route, to place them in optical shops, but through stores and boutique concept stores. We thought that we could best implement our keynote that “style doesn’t have to cost, to worth”. That’s why we wanted to make the handmade wooden sunglasses “Eugene” accessible to everyone! And far our path, we are vindicated! Combining the highest standards of quality with the most competitive prices, we introduced in the world market a new style for every moment of the day. In about a very short time the handmade wooden sunglasses “Eugène” conquered the Greek market with an impressive presence at more than 140 stores in 60 cities of Greece, specifying the meaning of style in men’s and women’s fashion. Simultaneously, with the same enthusiastic acceptance, we had strong export presence in Cyprus, in Germany, in Spain, in Lebanon, in Slovakia, in Egypt, in Miami (Florida, Usa), in Canada and in other countries that are constantly being added.

We couldn’t be more proud seeing another talent making their way to the top, reminding us that with the right mentality and hard work, you can make all your dreams come true

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