Skipping Rope: All In

August 24, 2016 ,
by Anastasia Kyrili


Ahhh Nostalgia. We go back to the years that we were little kids, playing around with friends having fun and just be free for any adventure. One of my favorite games was skipping rope, nowadays I still love this kind of exercise for a warm up or for a base exercise.

Skipping Rope Benefits:

 1. Its a full body exercise
It works your legs, abs, arms, heart, breathing and mind.

 2. Burning lots of calories
It’s an aerobic exercise that burns about 1300cal/per hour. So just with a 10 min skipping you burn about 216cal. Wow I’m sure you have 10min free in your day for a small fat burning exercise.

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health
Skipping can increase your heart and lung health. It’s both a fantastic cardio and strength training workout all in one.

4. Improved Breathing Efficiency
That breathtaking feeling after a cardio exercise. That’s the best way to improve your breathing efficiency. Doing a 10min skipping every day may help you going up the stairs in the office without puffing.

5. You can do it anywhere
Equipment is minimal and easily transported (just a jump rope). You can bring it with you in your bag while your are on vacation and you are able to do it outdoors or indoors or wherever you want. Just make certain space a little bit in front, a little bit in back and get your butt sweaty.

6. Makes your brain stronger
Jumping rope aids in the development of the left and right hemispheres of your brain. This makes you be more calm, focused and improves your memory ability and makes you more mentally alert.

So try this funny, convenient and health benefit exercise every day and the results will surprise you!


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