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August 15, 2016 ,
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Jordan Nicole Dudden a.k.a CEO & Founder of JoJo Rings consists one of the most inspiring and hot jewelry designers rightnow. The creator of JoJo Rings has managed to create a social movement & create little gems out of recycled keys, but let’s take it from the beginning.

Who is JoJo Rings?

JoJo Rings is a New York based jewelry company that creates rings and wraps from recycled keys. Founded with the community in mind, JoJo Rings operates under three guiding principles: sustainability, individuality, and social good. With each sale JoJo Rings donates a portion of the proceeds to local charity. Today, the rings are sold in over 70 stores in the United States and have been spotted on celebrities like Hailey Baldwin in Vogue Brazil. Thus far, we have donated tens of thousands of dollars to local charities, upcycled nearly 2,400 pounds of scrap metal, and created a positive social media movement that celebrates individualism called #keysforchange.

How it got started & where did you get inspired?

I handcrafted the first two JoJo Rings with keys to my grandmother’s house after she passed away. Instead of stuffing the keys into a drawer or throwing them away, I wanted to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that I could wear with pride and nostalgia. To this day, that ring serves as a constant reminder to the special relationship I had with my late grandmother. After receiving countless compliments from my friends and family, I decided to file for a patent and enter the Syracuse University business plan competition. We were fortunate enough to receive enough seed money from winning the event to launch the business!

Goals for the future?

We are a really ambitious company. We have big aspirations as we feel confident in our product and brand. I would love to be in all 50 states in America by the end of the year and begin international distribution. Our long term goal is to upcycle 50,000 pounds of brass and donate $1 million dollars to charity.

What Keys for Change means as a movement?

We handcraft jewelry from recycled keys because we believe that keys are gateways to all types of change. Keys are small, but charged with unlimited possibility and forged to fulfill a purpose much larger than their size. We are working to make the world a better place through sustainability, individuality, and social good.

What do you think you’ll get out of this?

Our hope is to create positive change in the world, constantly remind our customers that anything is possible, and inspire fellow female entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. Starting JoJo Rings has been the most rewarding and challenging thing in my life, but I’ve learned so much throughout the process and have grown significantly as a businesswoman and person in these short 18 months. My hope is to become a very small part of a worldwide movement that encourages both young and old women to take chances and start a business.


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