Beach Waves: Go to Style

July 31, 2016 ,
-If you are sad,add more lipstick and attack-
by Anastasia Kyrili


Hey girls, how you doing?
Some of you are on vacations right now, some of you were and some of you will be. But all of you girls I’m sure you know and really love that natural beach wavy hair look after a day well spend at the beach.
This messy, salty, wavy hairstyle with a combination of chocolate sunburnt skin is the sexiest combination ever. And we are here to show you how to do beach wavy hairstyle in 5 easy steps (going to Fiji islands not included).

You will need:

* Sea salt spray (don’t panic and start searching “omg where do I find salt spray?” It’s much easier than you think. Add a handful of salt and a cup of water in a spray bottle.
* Rubber bands for hair

Easy 5 steps:

1. Brush your hair and split them in the middle.
2. Try to take small hair strides each time and spray them with the sea salt spray.
3. Make 1 or 2 buns and be careful to twist your hair in a nice gently way. Spray them again for the final touch.
4. Wait for them to dry… The more you wait the better the results
5. Undo your buns and brush your hair with your fingers in order to separate your curls nicely.

Check out our video to get inspired:


Enjoy! xx

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