Perfect Bronze: Endless Nights

July 15, 2016 ,
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-If you get tired learn to rest,not to quit-
by Evelina Mavrides




Ladies Ladies Ladies this one is for you.

By this time of the year summer heat has probably hit most of us, letting us with the most preferable sun kiss & tan that we have been waiting all year long, at least I had. Nevertheless sun is a tricky element and we should all take good care of ourselves when we are below him, a l w a y s. But let’s be honest we all love a little bit of beach burned cheeks to show around, and we can’t be blamed. I am totally for working with what you got and making the most of it kinda girl, so I would like to give some tips to all of you out there tanned or not, on how to make the easiest, fastest & most amazing make up that you can wear every single summer day and night.


Check out our gallery to get inspired:

Step 1: Eye Shadow, blend a bronze eye shadow across the whole eyelid. Pro tip take the colour underneath the eye.
Mac Broze Frost Eye Shadow
Step 2: Bronzer, for a sun-kissed complexion apply a Bronzer of your choice with a large, soft brush. Tap off any excess powder onto your hand, then apply under the cheek bones. Remember to blend. sweep a touch across your forehead, temples and chin and the bridge of your nose for a genuine bronzed look
Air Touch Bronzer Radiant
Step 3: Highlighter, max up your cheekbones with a highlighter. Apply graciously to the areas of your face that would naturally catch the light: cheekbones, forehead and the nose
NARS Albatross Highlighter
MAC Yash Nude
To finish off the look choose one of Mac's yash nude collection lipistick, that matches better your skin

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