Emerald Pools: Lost in Summer

July 14, 2016 ,
-Do what you love,love what you do
by Evelina Mavrides
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I have always be telling myself that people, a l l people are beautiful in their own way and mind, and that they should never let situations or people take away their beauty. I am not talking about a face or a body, cause these things come as they go, what remains is what matters. We might trick ourselves thinking that what we have now is forever, and that all nice things that surround us are gonna stay along with the people or situations that bring them into our lives. But it ain’t that way, one thing I can say to you is that the biggest form of  power in this universe is the power of love and love conquers all, always. So get out do what you love and do it every single day, until you do it better than anybody else, feed your soul & dont ever c h a n g e. Life is tricky baby stay in your magic.


Peace of Cake Custom-made sandals, Levis Vintage skirt, Topstich Top & Necklace, See Concept Turtoise Mirror shades and H&M Divided Embroided blouse.

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