Giambattista Valli: Renaissance

July 5, 2016 ,
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by Evelina Mavrides


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Yesterday evening, we witnessed one of the most magnificent shows of Haute Couture for Fall 2016, in Paris signed from Giambattista Valli. The collection was a stardust of Aristocracy and Royalness, with the pouf sleeves, the sweet flower-bud prints, and, yes, the empire waistlines that filled the room. As a rule for Valli’s creations they were bold and body-confident, with variations of lengths, diaphanous, in some occasions pleated & aeric Goddess style in others. All these combined with live playing violins created a sentiment out of this world & elevated everyone to another dimension. Valli concluded, like he usually does, with a trio of thunderous tulle confections so grand that they might’ve intimidated Joséphine, “I believe that the sense of daring lasts just for a short while: if you cross the gap at the right time, you keep it open for life, otherwise it closes behind you and you become fearful. I launched my brand at the perfect moment: there was a waltz of farewells and new departures going on, igniting a generational turnover. The looming of a major crisis would open glimmers of novelty, too. Being my own boss is a risk and a commitment, but it has a great advantage: I’m the only one who decides.”


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