Artist to Know: Zarina Dyganova

July 1, 2016 ,
-The most beautiful cosmetic you can have is passion-
by Evelina Mavrides
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Who is Zarina Dyganova, 26 years old, is one of Russia’s most cult and upcoming artists right now. Her portrait paintings have been noticed from many people on social media, including me. And among others by many celebrities, that even ask/order her to make their portraits. But let’s take it from the beginning. Zarina Dyganova was born in a small Russian village, but when she turned 17 she moved to the city of Kazan the capital and largest city of the republic of Tartastan to live on her own. Her mother who is also an artist, first taught her how to paint when she was a little child and showed her the philosophy and beauty behind portrait painting. She began to paint proffesionally a year ago, after being inspired by Xavier Dolan and his films. She would paint his portrait every single day, over and over again until the colors would burst out from the paper and vibrate the room. Rightnow she mostly paints models, actors and selectively anyone that inspires her. What I truly found unique and made her art stand out to me from the crowd, is her beautiful darkness. Her pieces have a beauty out of this world. Simple yet significant with an immensive personal style and yfos that can not be coppied or confused. The color texture and mix is so intense, that for a second you might think that they may go away if you blink. But they don’t they are here to stay, just like her.

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