Another Day in Paradise: Island Bound

June 25, 2016 ,
-You have to die a few timesbefore you can really live-
by Evelina Mavrides
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As the title says it, another day in paradise. Summer breeze and laughs all around, there’s no better way to wake up and start your day. Enjoying my breakfast at my not-so-small balcony and daydreaming watching the endless Ionian sea has become my favorite morning routine these days, and who can blame me. The view here is honestly breathtaking, you can see every single shade of color in the sky as the sun is coming up and going down, with shadows playing around with the emerald pool of Laganas, it makes you feel like you are in heaven. Or maybe am I?



Colors of California Camo Espadrilles, Zara High-Waist  Ripped Shorts, Art Love Knitwear Swimsuit, See Concept #D Turquoise Mirror Shades and Quid Custom-Made Bracelet


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