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June 19, 2016 ,
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Success is finding satisfaction in giving,a little more than you take
by Evelina Mavrides
House of Holland Men's Spring 2017



House of Holland’s Henry Holland first came to the scene in 2009 with a series of neon slogan T-shirts that naughtily rhymed fashion-centric verses: “Do Me In the Park Marc” (Jacobs) and “Wham Bam Thank You Stam” (Jessica) come to mind. In his third dedicated menswear collection unveiled in London a few days ago, tees were again a focal point, only this time in a clever imagining of the see-now-buy-now frenzy sweeping the industry. In his presentation Holland said ”Look at that guy there, he’s taking a picture, the phone will recognize the logo on the shirt, and he can order it to have at 10 tomorrow morning. The back end is all set up!”.

Following his drive and instinct on what is better, easier and faster for the customer he partnered with Visa and the app Blippar, only to bring innovation on how people insta-buy and make some items immedietly shoppable. Guests at the presentation (including selected consumers) could use their smartphones to hover the Blippar app over select pieces, which would direct them to buy the item with one click on Holland’s site, for delivery the next day. The T-shirts featured words like “Vibe” and “Ravers.” They paid respects to Hacienda, a legendary late-’80s, early-’90s rave spot in Manchester, England, which Holland unfortunately was too young to have seen. “We found these images online for inspiration – some really gross images, from the end of the night, you know, and turned them into something beautiful,” he said. Check out our gallery to get a sneek-peak from the House of Holland Men’s Spring 2017.



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