Greek Yogurt: Benefits & Tips

March 23, 2016 ,
by Anastasia Kyrili

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Greek yogurt is made by separating out the liquid whey and resulting this in a thicker texture with fewer carbohydrates & sugar and more protein. We all know the Greek yogurt, what you might not know is the benefits of it.


1)Protein: One cup of low-fat Greek yogurt contains 13 to 20 grams of protein. Protein will help you feel full and leave you feeling satisfied.

2)Low in Carbohydrates: One cup of low-fat Greek yogurt contains about 5 to 9 grams. If you are on a diet or you are watching your carbohydrates intake, yogurt is a very good choice for you.

3)Probiotics: microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast. These normally live in your intestines, and having good microorganisms in your intestines helps you being more healthy.

4)Calcium, vitamin B-12, pantothenic acid, thiamin, vitamin B-6 and other.

There are multiple ways to eat Greek yogurt. There is no rule for it, you can add any kind of toping you want, or use it as the main base for sauces and dips. Simply put, be creative.

Our suggestions:



•Yogurt with oats and fruits
•Yogurt with dry fruits, nuts and honey

Lunch – Dinner:

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•Whole grain rice and yogurt (add pepper, so good)
•Yogurt and mustard as sauce to dip chicken and meat.



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•Yogurt with herbs, as a dip with sticks of cucumber, carrots and celery
•Crackers with yogurt, honey and walnuts.


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