Eyebrows: From Chic to Fleek

March 21, 2016 ,
by Evelina Mavrides

Eyebrows-Fleek-Trend (1)

       A world wide trend kinda obsession , undoubtedly flattering and game changing. We’re talking of course about eyebrows, the big and bold kind . The past two years a lot of attention has been brought on the subject for many reasons. It’s funny to think that such a small seem detail can change your whole face and appearance. If you go back to pictures of yourself and your never-edited brows you will understand   (it happened to me I was shocked) . So it’s more than just a worldwide trend. It’s about perspective and evolution. Numerous brands have embraced them into their shows and campaigns in a back-to-the-roots kinda way. Fleek — which is a variation of “flick,” a word well known to makeup-lovers — is when eyebrows are perfectly groomed, filled, and shaped. In essence, brows on point and brows on fleek are the same thing.


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