Chanel: Grand Palais

March 8, 2016 ,
''Learn the rules like a pro,so you can break themlike an artist
by Evelina Mavrides


Karl Lagerfeld casted his spells once again and made even the moody Paris weather shine bright today, for his show. Simply putted he managed to give to each one of his guests a front row seat. No Chanel-Airport, no Chanel-Supermarket or gigantic iceberg to amaze, just row upon row of 3,000 gilded chairs pedanticly arranged in lines inside the Grand Palais, where models paved their way in a 600-metre runway. It gave the feeling of a couture salon, the kind that Mademoiselle Chanel would have wanted back in the fifties. The show was presented without music, and every look was announced with a number, old fashioned way. The show was directed for a new generation with more urban and ready-to-where clothes. From the quilted drawstring jacket on Gigi Hadid, to the padded leather hoody on Kendall Jenner, this was less ladylike, with utility luxe at the fore. There were gabardine trench coats and waterproof macs, shooting jackets rendered in denim and sweater dresses punched in grommets. By far the most elevated and on-date line, the famous fashion house has launched until now.

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