Sunny Days

February 11, 2016 ,
by Evelina Mavrides

Sweet February sunny days, who doesn’t love them? Lighter clothes, better mood and shades on. I don’t know if it’s just me ,that I have a thing for summer or everyone else too. The truth is though, I really can’t help it but love days like this and fall hard for them. Even if your day doesn’t start the best way possible, that kind of an atmosphere can change it all, elevate you and make you think positive. I like it to think it as a way of the universe telling us to have fun, and find happiness on the little things. With our endless days we tend to forget about those things, as if they are not there. But thay are, and all we have to do is just stop and breathe, and instantly we’ll see them. All the trees and birds, and all the beautiful people are out there. All we got to do is open our eyes.

Sunny days make me feel like?? #sun#love#thefeditor#blogger#colorsofcalifornia#blackblackblogger

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Don’t forget to live and love!

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