Valentine’s Day: Gift Ideas

February 10, 2016 ,
by Anastasia Kyrili

Valentine’s Day 

 February 14… oh that lovely day of the year. When I hear Valentine’s Day the first thing that comes through my mind is love , flowers, love, chocolate, love, kisses, love, hugs ,love,love,love….
Well okay bet you don’t really know what exactly you are celebrating that special day and why Saint Valentine became associated with love and romance? But I’m not here to tell you the history of Valentine’s Day, I’m here to help you love boys and girls. What women really want this special day? You are going to tell me that “each woman is unique” , “women are not the same” and blah blah blah.. okay I agree, each one of us is different BUT on Valentine’s day all of us are waiting for our significant other to bring us something special, something sweet something from the bottom of his/her heart, to show us their love.

Roses are red violets are blue,here are some gifts you should buy for your girl too

The classics:

1) Flowers. Girls love and deserve flowers! It really doesn’t matter if you bought them from the flower shop or you went to your neighbor’s yard and stole a rose, we don’t care we will love them guaranteed!



2) Chocolates & Candies. Prefer shaped hearts with red wrap and do not bring her way too many, just one box of chocolates is enough. (You don’t want her to think, that you think that she is fat)





3) Jewelries. Diamonds are girl’s best friend. Maybe a ring or if you just don’t want your girl to misunderstand it, you may try a necklace or a bracelet, both work fine.



Swarowski Dear Small Necklace


4) Big Teddy Bear. Yeah I really don’t know how much search on instagram girls do but this huge teddy bear is so rare at Valentine ’s Day and girls adore it so much. So “bear” it in mind guys.




5) Lingerie. Sexy and a very promising gift. Combined them with the next one No6.


A VS will work like a charm.

6) Card. Write your feelings about her, sometimes is less awkward if they are written at a paper than face to face, I’m talking about you guys that have difficulties to open your heart.



Homemade Gifts:

1) Love Pills. Grab an empty jar, full it with candies (prefer heart shaped) and add a sticker with written the phrase love pills (video step by step soon)




2) Bee-my valentine. Yeah it’s not a spelling mistake; it’s a bee for the verb be! Buy a small, medium or even large jar of honey and just right bee mine or bee my valentine. Quick & easy and so sweet!




3) Seed Starter. Well there is a deeper meaning than seeds for a tree or a flower. These seeds are “love seeds”, for a love that will grow little by little as a tree.

4) Homemade Desserts. Valentine’s Day color is red so you should play with that combinations. Try red velvet cupcakes or some strawberries with melted chocolate and whipped crème. Also you may try some cooking molds in shape of a heart and just make a simple cake or brownies. (Video is coming)





Do something unexpected and surprise her in a nice way!
Good luck

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