Sunday’s Rituals: Step by Step

February 7, 2016 ,
''The earth has music,for those who listen''
by Evelina Mavrides

Among all the days of the week, Sunday is probably my most favorite one for many reasons. It’s the only day of the week that can have it all, without leaving anything behind, depending on the mood that someone has. I think it’s mostly a culture thing that varies from one civilization to another and it affects everyone differently. To me it’s a day of freedom and peace. In any case Sundays should be well spent, and there are many ways to do that –  all include brunch, early or late. Either you are on a diet (like myself) or restlessly pigging (like all of my firends) you should do yourself a favor and enjoy your day off.

Step 1: Coffee


Step 1/5: More coffee


Step 2: Make Plans

This is where you decide merely where your day will bring you. You can either go out for more coffee/ lunch with friends or you know stay at home and relax with your loved ones, that’s planning too.

Step 3: Food Search

No matter where and with whom you decide to spend your Sunday at, there’s one thing that everybody is intrested in, food.


Our Sunday choice

Step 4: Enjoy Life/Nature



And remember a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!


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