5 Easy Steps for Perfect Skin

January 21, 2016 ,
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by Anastasia Kyrili

Winter and cold weather. What actually happens to our skin in weather like this?

Every different season of the year our body needs special treatments.

       With freezing temperatures outside, sore red patches, flaky and dehydrated skin have become a daily occurrence. If you think you are tired of all these here are 5 small steps for having moisturized and shining skin.



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       STEP 1:  Soft cleaning. Try to use products that do not keep your skin dry and also damage skins hydrolipidic film. Our suggestion is CeraVe Cleansing Ceam.


Photo by CeraVen

Photo by CeraVen

         STEP 2:  Hydration! After a soft cleaning you need a good body-facial lotion or some sensory oils. Search for products in the market that are based inw aloe Vera, cacao butter and oils such as almond oil, these products full feel your skin and protect it from external factors that made it look moody. We recommend Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturiser

Photo by Olay.com

Photo by Olay.com

       STEP 3:  Healthy food. Choose foods that have omega 3 fatty acids which help protecting the natural moisture of the skin. Foods that are rich in Ω3 fatty acids such as avocado, walnuts and salmon.


       STEP 4:  Drink Water. We usually don’t drink lot of water during winter season because we actually do not have the same sweating as in summer season,or that excessive need. Try do drink at least 12 cups of water per day and you will feel more energetic and refreshed and then automatically your skin will be shinning.


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       STEP 5:  NOT very hot showers. Yeah, I know that after a exhausting, busy and cold day all you need is a hot shower. BUT, hot water can cause something like a shock to your body. It removes the upper layer of the skin and in that way enhances the dryness. Try a medium temperature in our shower and patted drying with a towel, do not do sharp moves just patting. Just be kind to your skin and it will retaliate you.



       By Anastasia Kyrili

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