Beauty Trends of 2015

December 28, 2015 ,
'' A painter should begin every canvas with a shade of blackbecause all things in nature are dark except where exposed by light''
''What matters most is how wellyou walk through fire
by Evelina Mavrides

DIY lip plumping, bubble nails, waist trainers and more, were some of the beauty trends that happened and conquered 2015.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge


       Before Jenner admitted to getting lip fillers, teens of the Internet all around the world attempted to recreate her pout DIY-style with suction cups, which lead to disastrous/ hilarious results.

Sand Art Hair


      One unanimous color per hair? Don’t think so. So 2015 was the year, where we saw walking rainbows out in the streets, for those who wanted to make a statement with their hair.

Waist Training

      Not something new for the family that everybody loves to hate, but definitely a major movement for the rest of the world. After seeing positive results, more and more women and men decided to participate in order to bounce back after gaining and losing some weight.

Brow Art


       One more proof that Cara Delevigne is ahead of her time. The young model/actress stated her brows, as one of her strongest characteristics and the whole world followed her. In 2015 almost every woman in the world adapted into this trend and we saw bigger and bolder brows everywhere.

Red Concealer 

       While we were just using regular old under eye concealer to hide our dark circles, YouTube gurus were using red lipstick, in order to cover their dark circles. What surprised me the most is that this technique actually works.


       My personal favorite make-up artist as seen above (Kandee Johnson), presents probably the hottest beauty trend of 2015, that will stay strong through-out 2016.

Dyed Armpits

#PANK #dirtyhippie

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Feminists all around the world, took the body positive movement one step further and showed their hair pride, with neon dye in many parts of their bodies.


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